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Create cloudlet (1 click)

A cloudlet is a small piece of cloud just for you. It contains a dedicated MySQL database and everything you need to execute your models.

  • Easily create and manage accounts in the cloud
  • Drag & drop databases & models across your cloudlets
  • Backup & restore cloudlets with one click
  • Download & upload any cloudlet database in SQL or MDB format
Draw model (right in your browser)

No need to be a software developer or a UML guru to get results. If you are a DBA you will probably find yourself at home, and having fun!

  • Multiple semantic layers keep models readable
  • Create complex queries by simply drawing paths with your mouse
  • If you can draw it, it will execute (Livebase™ performs checks for you)
  • Easily apply navigability, cardinality, partitioning, integrity constraints (and many more)
Drop model in cloudlet

Automatically generate cloudlet's db and applications in 30 seconds, along with a complete REST API, using open-source java technologies.

  • Generated apps come with reporting, filtering, multilevel grouping, and more
  • Extend the model at any time, and with no data loss