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Fhoster is a technology venture founded in 2008 expressly to develop an innovative, low-cost cloud-computing platform allowing to create and manage business applications directly in the cloud, ten times faster than existing platforms.

The project started as a result of a long research trial in software modelling and automatic code generation, conducted in previous years by the co-founder and CEO Antonio Leonforte, entrepreneur in software development since 1995 and contract professor in software engineering since 2003.

The development of the platform, named Livebase, has been supported by a 250K€ seed funding from Italian angel investors, and by a 870K€ venture capital funding in 2012 from Lazio Innova spa (a public fund) and private investors based in the USA. The development has also involved about 30 interns from two partner universities (Perugia e Roma Tre), and the best of them are now full-time employees.

Fhoster has been selected as one of the best 100 European start-ups at the European Venture Contest 2009, and has been awarded for the best presentation at the KIS Partnering Forum in 2010, event reserved to the best 13 ICT start-ups in Europe.

The platform started beta operations (with paying customers) in January 2011, it completed the beta testing in 2012. The company has constantly grown since then, more than doubling its revenues every year between 2013 and 2015. In the 2013 Gartner’s report on PaaS, Fhoster was the only Italian companies (and one of the few European companies) mentioned for the Application PaaS market segment.