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Fhoster currently employees about 20 full-time engineers, organized in three teams: the R&D team, focused on developing the Livebase platform, the Consulting team, focused on supporting customers in the development of their own solutions using the platform, and the Operations team, focused on keeping the platform up & running.

The Fhoster Research & Development team now consists of 5 employees and 3 full-time freelances with special vertical competences, all located in the center of Rome. All such persons have a master degree in Software Engineering or Computer Science, and two of them have a PhD. As a disruptive startup in the cloud industry, FHOSTER is a highly research- and innovation-focused company with an outstanding experience in software modeling and model-driven code generation successfully exploited in the cloud industry.

The R&D team operates under the direct control of the CEO with the support of an Industrial Steering Committee including all the senior management involved in the business, to make sure that the R&D activity is in line with market trends and anticipates user needs and competitor’s initiative. The work of the R&D team is deployed in production on a regular basis, thanks to a very agile and automatized continuous-integration process, with thousands of automated tests and dedicated integration, validation and pre-production environments.