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Tactical business applications
Sell database applications in the cloud like McDonald's™ sell cheeseburgers.
Cheap, fast and good enough.

Why do so many companies (and even departments of large enterprises) keep struggling with spreadsheets to store, manage and share their structured data?

Creating business-grade database applications can be quite expensive. You need web accessibility, authentication, role-based and user-based access control, concurrency control, heavily structured objects, cardinality and data-quality constraints, reporting end even some business intelligence...

Your clients' wish list is long and his budget is tight. It's just too hard for developers to make acceptable profit margins on small, but customized, projects, right?

Think twice. You can now leverage the combined power of UML, Model-Driven Development and Cloud Computing, delivered in your browser with a simple, down-to-earth, SaaS approach.

With Livebase™, you can draw a conceptual model of your clients' data in real time (even while they describe it to you), and then turn the model into a custom application, generated and deployed on a secure cloud infrastructure (ours, yours, IBM's, Amazon's, ...), in seconds. Create a usable application in fraction of the time your competitors take to write a paper offer. You can even read your client's spreadsheet to automatically create a first version of the model, already filled with their data.

End-users can autonomously customize the application you created for them (e.g. adding filters or calculated columns), so you don't have to spend extra time on tuning.

Sell fast, keep the money. You just pay for the resources you assign to your customers, nothing more. And you are free to charge your customers for developing the application, without paying any royalties, ever.